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In some ways, Anna from Frozen. I'm thinking of Anna's constant enthusiasm, and how she doesn't think twice about going after her sister. You, however, are not so naive as to fall in love with the bad guy after a few hours.

Haha I can see it.

And while I’m less naive, I do tend to allow myself to get so invested in others that I can end up hurting myself. :\ So in that way we have that similarity. 

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you remind me a lot of ash from pokemon

I could rock that.

Good thing I’ve got his hat then. ;) 

In seriousness though, although he’s a laugh by competitive battling standards, and a bit childish (which…I am too), Ash is really loyal, brave, extremely determined, and always puts others before himself. Not a bad person to be compared to. 

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go to my inbox and tell me what character im most like

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Lucky!!! Have fun for me :’)

I will try and get some photos and post them up here so that at least you can sorta’ live vicariously through me XD. I try my best!!!